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1. Participation in the competition implies the recognition, the unconditional acceptance of these rules and the authorization of the author for the publication of the data provided by the author.

2. Each artist may compete with one or more ‘works and be able to participate in subsequent competitions with a different work. The competition is “open to any artistic expression purche ‘content not to offend the sensibilities of others; Therefore Excellence Art Gallery may, in its sole discretion to exclude works of publishing content does not conform to the above.

3. The author, in the presentation of their work is automatically declared the authorship and authenticity. No responsibility can be attributed to Excellence Art Galelry in the case of illegitimate powers. The identification of each artist and ‘entrusted exclusively to the e-mail you sent to Ad-Art your data and images. This email address can not be changed during the course of the competition and will be the only accepted for the realization of the votes.

4. Registration for the competition and ‘guaranteed by the payment of the registration fee, provided made within the period specified in each competition. The registration fee of 50 euros only as a donation and ‘inclusive of all charges due to Excellence Art Gallery.

Any fees received after the expiration or exceed the maximum number of participants for each competition will be retained by Excellence Art Gallery and the competitor automatically participate in the next competition.

5. The duration of the competition are untill 1 may 2017. Then the works will remain on display at the site until the next competition. The Artworks remane published in web site Excellence Art Gallery and in case of selling the coimision are 50% artista and 50% gallery. The artists in competion acept that condition.

6. Designate the Gold Award winner will be the competitors them selves with the rules contained in the text TRANSPARENCY OF OPERATION. To designate the winner of the prize will Critics of Art Critics and
artists guests and colleagues to designate the winner of directors will be invited gallery of the art gallery owner.

7. Winners of the competition will be punctuated with voting public (web visitor, artists in competition, artists outside contest) and that for the simple registration on the website of EXCELLENCE ART GALLERY and aver voted, participate to draw an original artist Massimo Cedrini quadro, who will ‘deliver’ the winner of the draw them directly on your home, no expense is transportation for free.

8. Excellence Art Gallery, does not accept pornographic, racist, violent.

9. The partecipation in the competition automatically implies the approval of this regulation.

10. Any legal dispute, the competent court will set ‘marbella (prov that. malaga), office of Excellence art gallery by Massimo Cedrini. calle mendoza, 4 cap 29601 marbella ( prov. malaga). spain contry.