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It is a dynamic art space open to all kinds of painting and artistic expressions , from hyperrealism , to abstractionism , installations , video art, art for society.

Welcome to the world of EXCELLENCE ART GALLERY .


The Artist Massimo Cedrini was born in Novafeltria (RN), a quaint little town in Rimini, on 24/08/1956.

Passionate as a child of nature, and painting at the age of 7 he moved with his family to Turin where in 1974 he graduated from the Municipal Institute of Art with the Professional qualification Designer Advertising.

Until 1979 he works in professional graphic in some studies in Turin and on his own.
In 1980 he returned to live in Rimini where, with the help of his uncle (who also produced fashion accessories), opened a leather workshop.
The creativity of Cedrini finally begins to take shape through the design of new models of belts, bags and clothes.
It is at this stage that the artist engages in the art of painting, a chance to experiment in the use of different techniques, from china oil, reaching, in a short time, an estimated market price.

The love of life, and in particular for nature and the female world, led him to acquire a very personal and recognizable, which are often placed in female figures, animals and landscapes (mostly marine).
Also a lover always of photography, Massimo Cedrini usually captures everything that affects his mood and then transfers and materializes it on canvas.
His painting comes to life through the use of diverse techniques and the use of special materials such as sand and shells of the sea.
Numerous solo exhibitions in several Italian cities among which that of 2005 to Byblos Riccione, well-known local restaurant and show that very often he wanted to marry the unusual blend, as some artists still unknown but very talented, just like Massimo Cedrini. Although the passion was so great, painting unfortunately remained just a hobby until 2010, when some works have been rediscovered and published by critics of the Encyclopedic Dictionary of International Modern and Contemporary Art, and finally to 2011 in which It was done in another publication “The great of contemporary Italian masters” Saint Sarah Academy of Alexandria, and the Catalogue of prices Alba Ferrara to give a fair assessment of his work. 2014 is a pivotal year in the life of the artist who moves to Spain, Numerous solo exhibitions in various Italian cities and abroad: Spain, France / Monte Carlo, Germany, Brazil, USA, Canada. Between past and future exhibitions include: VENICE INTERNATIONAL ART EXHIBITION in Venice with San Marco Gallery 1958- IBIZA ART COLLECTION in Marta Torres Gallery in Ibiza – TRIBUTE TO PICASSO in Casino Marbella – Crisolart GALLERY Barcelona, COSTA DORADA ART EXHIBITION in Club Nautico Salou (Tarragona – Spain), HOTEL MELIA RESORT ART EXPO in Marbella, SAPHIRA & VENTURA Group in New York, SOCIEDADE INTERNACIONAL ART CONTEMPORARY ART LOUIS VENTURA in Sao Paulo in Brazil. It also gets a number of publications such as: in 2010, the International Encyclopedic Dictionary of Modern and Contemporary Art (published by ALBA), in 2011 and published in the book “The Great Masters of Italian Art” (Academy catalog Saint Sarah of Alexandria) and in 2016 was selected for the Catalogue “Masters-Selection of Contemporary Art” curated by art critic Vittorio Sgarbi recognized, always in 2016 he exhibited his works with CONTEMPORARY ARTISTS iN LOUVRE in France, in Florence with the Uffizi Palace, and in the Alexander Museum Palace hotel, Hall of Mirrors for the FESTIVAL oF aRT, DELL’AMICICIZIA aND PEACE regards to socio-cultural meetings between ITALY and directed by Aida UZBEKISTAN Abdullaeva, in Madrid exposes in FERIA INTERNACIONAL “ALMONEDA” international art Fair , antiquity ‘, collectibles.

Costa del Sol, surrounded by an environment and atmosphere where they find the most authentic values of life, making a definitely unleash to the full potential of art so surely the painter was always treasured. Here in a short time is discovered by the Art-Curator Giuseppe Carnevale, who invited him to exhibit their works along with some of the original great master Picasso during his commemoration, all in a wonderful location, The Casino of Puerto Banus-Marbella .

In 2014 he moved permanently to Marbella in the beautiful Costa del Sol in Spain, where he opened his own art gallery in Old Town (Casco Antiguo) called “EXCELLENCE ART GALLERY by Massimo Cedrini” making use of the artistic direction which entrusts to the promoter d ‘ art Giuseppe Carnevale.
Nell ‘in October 2016 he was granted the FORUM EUROPE 2001 Gold Medal in Madrid, recognized by the prestigious FORUM EUROPE all those figures that are highlighted in context artistic and conceptual.


carnevale giuseppe born in bari ( italy) and graduate school of fine arts “ giuseppe de nittis”. Arts & event manager by carnevale giuseppe is an organization dedicated to promoting art events in prestigious international galleries, museums, and foundations.

Important partnerships between with contemporary art center – “museum cac mijas”,where there is the second most important collection the world of ceramics of pablo picasso ruiz, “arte italia cultura association art and culture” of naples italy for cultural development between italy and spain, and the “museum of bernardo de galvez “-, dedicated to figure bernardod galvez e was recognized
united states citizen of honor and conde by the famous battle of pensacola florida ( ee.uu)

Giuseppe Goodwill Ambassador for Peace and Arts Development f

Carnevale Giuseppe has been rewarded with “gold medal” of europe forum and “golden star” by istitute professional for excellence confered of its activities in promoting art in spain and exchange activities, and “european citizen award” of the european forum 2001 of madrid, 2016.

Resume of collaboration: centre of contemporary art museum cac mijas ceramic picasso – arte italia cultura in napoles – museum of bernardo de galvez – biancoscuro art magazine,oficial representativ in spain.

concerning exhibition: venice international art exhibition ( galeria l’oleandro, venice), 400th anniversary of el greco ( gallery quadrifoglio di matteo valdes, milano – rho’), anita peghini raber solo exhibition ( gallery montsequi, madrid), ibiza art expo international collectiv exhibition ( gallery marta torres, ibiza), marbella art collection ( excellence art gallery by massimo cedrini), tribute picasso ( casino marbella),toro&friends, international colectiv exhibition ( gallery toro de claudia grasso, sessa aurunca caserta – italy), melia’ don pepe hotel resort art expo ( sala mennina, marbella), centre of contemporary art museum ceramic picasso, mijas – malaga, barcelona art expo ( international colectiv exhibition, crisolart galeries, barcelona), museum of bernardo de galvez, macharaviaya – malaga).

Giuseppe is currently developing the activity as artistic director of the gallery excellence art gallery by massimo cedrini of marbella since 2015.


EXCELLENCE ART GALLERY is also ART SPACE , book presentations aimed at national and international authors. Our gallery is composed of positive people, able to listen to all proposals without any prejudice. We want visitors to our space are comfortable in line with our philosophy : to present art .



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