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Excellence Art Gallery represents a different way of making art . Its opening
It is due to the meeting between the Italian artist Massimo Cedrini and the promoter of art Giuseppe Carnevale Art & Event that has been working for years the organization of exhibitions around the world.


Massimo and Giuseppe are defined as an atypical art gallery as the “commercial and organizational aspect enters into symbiosis with the emotional aspect of Massimo Cedrini decides as an artist open his art space offering multiple possibilities” exhibition without any prejudice with a vision Global open.



Excellence Art Gallery has the strength to convey in its events a part empathic and part media able to involve the viewer in a way that it is an integral part of the event itself.


Among the exhibits dui relevance : Picasso & Contemporaneos with unique works of the great master Pablo Ruiz Picasso accompanied by Pierre Auguste Renoir sculptures , Auguste Rodin , Salvador Dali ‘ and Henrie Matisse .

Also among the important exhibitions , that of Erik El Belgian with the exhibition entitled ” La pintura a Traves de los siglos ” where the visitor He is projected before the works of clear flamenco culture that make Erik El Belga one of the last representatives of the artistic movement European north.


To his credit Excellence Art Gallery counts with the organization of international group exhibitions such as: “Marbella International Art Exhibition” with the participation of artists from proveninti : Russia – Italy – Germany – Spain – Austria – Uruguay – England – Portugal ; while ” Marbella Art Collection” we find artists from Switzerland – United States – Denmark – Uriguay – Spain – Italy .
Another important exhibition ” Ibiza Art Expo ” organized Spanish island of Ibiza with US artists – Venezuela – Colombia, Itali – Spain – Switzerland .